My guest for this episode is journalist, lecturer and author Ralph Blumenthal, who joined me to talk about his latest book, The Believer: Alien Encounters, Hard Science and the Passion of John Mack.

This is a biography Of John Mack, a Harvard psychiatrist, ardent social reformer and Pulitzer Prize winning author who in the 1990’s risked his career and professional reputation investigating the phenomenon of human encounters with alien entities and tried to help a group of people who were adamant about the reality of their experiences of that happening to them.

Ralph is no stranger to this kind of subject. In 2017 he co-authored the New York Times article which broke the news about AATIP (Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Programme), the secret US Government body investigating UAPs.

In the interview he talks more about the article, as well of course about his interest in John Mack and what prompted him to write a biography on him. We also discuss what led to Mack making the decision to investigate the abduction phenomenon as thoroughly as he did and the importance of that work in the history of Ufology, both at the time as well as it’s legacy today.

More information on Ralph's work and details on how to get a copy of The Believer can be found at

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