My guest for this episode is Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, who joined me to talk about her work in the study and application of something she terms as Exoconsciousness. This describes a natural state of mind attained after a person has experienced what would be best understood as contact with alien intelligence – though not in the fashion most might think of.

Rebecca has over thirty years experience as a mind body therapist and hypnotherapist and is the founder and director of the non-profit Institute for Exoconsciousness, which aims to help experiencers of the phenomenon use it in the creation of new technologies and development of new forms of communication, education and art with the goal of better preparing mankind for a future where spacefaring and interaction with alien intelligence is the norm.

This may sound like science fiction, but Rebecca’s background includes working alongside Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell as part of his International Quantrek Science Team, who researched Zero Point Energy, the nature of consciousness and the presence of ET’s on Earth. The better understanding of these concepts and how that could be applied has long been of interest to the armed forces and intelligence agencies of many countries, not to mention big business, so it’s definitely something that has been taken seriously at the highest level for a very long time, but discouraged as a matter of interest for the general public.

Rebecca’s work is really interesting, to say the least and a perfect subject matter for Some Other Sphere. We had a fun, wide ranging chat. Enjoy!

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