My guest for this episode is astrologer Maighdlin Kelly, who joined me talk about the fundamental concepts of this ancient practise.

For thousands of years cultures across the world have developed complex systems for understanding and predicting earthly matters using observations of the night sky. For most of that time it was a respected academic pursuit alongside astronomy and meteorology, and an astrologer would be an important person in their community.

In modern times however, mainstream society often depicts Astrology as nothing more than a pseudoscience. However if you take the time to understand its core concepts and get past the idea that astrology is nothing more than your daily horoscope, there is a fascinating tradition ready to explore, that can also help you make sense of a whole range of other esoteric ideas and areas of study.

I heard about Maighdlin's work via the Hellier documentary series, where they helped the team with their investigation by offering an astrological insight into their investigations. So, I was delighted when they agreed to be a guest, and we had a really interesting chat. Enjoy!

Maighdlin can be found on Twitter (@Weird_Astrology) and for more information on their Astrological work please visit


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