My guest for this episode is Steve Mills, who returned to talk with me about an interesting theory he has regarding the events behind the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident, perhaps the best known event of that type in the UK.

To summarise, On 26 December 1980, unusual lights were reported in the vicinity of RAF Woodbridge in Suffolk, an airbase which was being being used by the USAF at the time.

Initial investigation by airforce servicemen resulted in some reports of a glowing craft being sighted in the neighbouring forest but this could not be corroborated, and later investigation by the police also yielded no answers, though an unusual triangular set of impressions were discovered in the ground close to where the craft was reported. Further studies by the USAF two days later at the site of those markings would prompt more unusual activity.  

Whilst there isn’t a lot to indicate that what happened involved extra-terrestrials, that’s not to say something unusual didn't happen and Steves’s ideas as to what that might be are very interesting, and explore areas not often looked into by other researchers.

Enjoy the episode!


Steve (AKA The Most Reverend StarDoG) is @StarDoG23 on Twitter, and well worth a follow.

The full MP3s of the Charles Halt tape can be found here.

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